High Performance Level 3

Teaching Assistant

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Learn to teach the next generation.

The Level 3 Teaching Assistant apprenticeship is for individuals working in Primary, Special and Secondary education across all age ranges, encompassing special educational needs and emotional vulnerabilities.

During this apprenticeship programme, your Teaching Assistant will support the class teacher to enhance pupils’ learning, either in groups or individually, ensuring that pupils understand the work set, know their learning objectives and stay on task in order to make progress.

Duration: 18 months


Behaviours are an important part of an apprenticeship programme
in helping to shape and drive high performance.






During the Level 3 Teaching Assistant, your staff will develop a range of knowledge, skills and behaviours, including:



Understand how pupils learn and develop

Recognise different stages of child development through school

Recognise the importance of using appropriate technology to support learning

Understand the need to accurately observe, record and report on pupil's participation, understanding and progress

An appropriate knowledge of the curriculum and context they are working in

Understand current statutory guidance including safeguarding policies and Prevent Strategy



Develop strategies to support and develop pupils to move towards independent learning

Use appropriately varied vocabulary to ensure pupils' understanding

Embed effective behaviour management strategies using discipline appropriately and fairly in line with school policy

Work closely with teachers to ensure own contribution aligns with teaching

Build appropriate relationships with colleagues, pupils, parents, adults and stakeholders

Contribute to a range of assessment processes and use feedback to help pupils progress




Be flexible, trustworthy, respectful and demonstrate professional conduct

Promote and exemplify positive behaviour and uphold the school ethos

Provide constructive and specific feedback and support pupils

Promote equality, diversity and inclusion

Demonstrate professional relationships in line with Staff Handbook

Work collaboratively and constructively with the whole school team

"I’ve developed skills with primary school and secondary school aged children, learning how they develop, learning behaviour management strategies and understanding how the environment they’re in reflects their personalities."

SCL Learner | Wigan Athletic Community Trust

I really enjoy being a TA and seeing the progress children make because of the support you give them.

SCL Learner | Wigan Athletic Community Trust

"In my apprenticeship I have developed lots of news skills such as learning how to make good relationship with children, how to be a team player with year groups, communication with staff and pupils and how to help children achieve their goals."

SCL Learner | Wigan Athletic Community Trust