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Leading transformative change across the UK.

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Meet Fiona.

Fiona Hawkesley | Executive Director
Over 25 years experience in the industry delivering sustainable high impact programmes. Passionate about the learning experience and driving transformative change using the power of apprenticeships.

Fiona leads on UK apprenticeship strategy, high performance operational excellence and customer experience for SCL Professional.

Meet Martin.

Martin Knight | New Business & Innovation Director
Over 20 years crafting and refining ‘the art of the possible’ with some of the UK's biggest companies and global brands; helping to create transformational programmes that make a genuine difference to people's lives.

Martin leads on strategic employer relationships for SCL Professional.

Meet Mark.

Mark Hill | Head of Client Partnerships

Over 15 years experience supporting talent development, future talent planning and recruitment strategies for large organisations across the UK. Practices 'The Art of The Possible' to create innovative, engaging, impactful and future focused apprenticeship programmes.

Mark leads on client partnerships, future talent planning and talent development at SCL Professional.

Meet Simon.

Simon Gleadall | Head of Commercial

Over 12 years experience in the Education and skills sector consulting some of the largest organisations in the UK on workforce development, strategy, and succession planning.

Simon leads on new client and workforce development strategy for SCL Professional.

Meet Kerryann.

Kerryann Kelly | Head of Design & Client Programmes

Over 13 years experience working in the education and training sector implementing future focussed client programmes. Passionate about development and high impact programmes, continues to study to ensure everything SCL develops is current and having impact in the world of learning.

Kerryann leads on collaborative employer programme design to align to clients people and culture strategy.

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