High Performance Level 2


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The Level 2 Playworker apprenticeship is an opportunity for individuals to work as part of a team to care for and support children in taking responsibility for themselves and their own playing whilst creating a stimulating and adventurous space for children to learn and explore in their own way, following their own intent, ideas, and inventions.

The focus of all play settings is on child-directed and child-controlled play, with playworkers planning for and providing an ever-changing environment that allows children to choose what and how they play. Playworkers observe and monitor this play for children’s development, engagement, and safety, both physical and emotional.

Duration: 15-18 months | End Point Assessment 2 months


Behaviours are an important part of an apprenticeship programme
in helping to shape and drive high performance.






During the Level 2 Playwork apprenticeship, you will develop a range of knowledge,
skills and behaviours, including:



Understand playwork theory, principles and child development

Understand the importance of professional conduct and health and safety principles, including professional boundaries

Diversity and inclusion in playwork settings and how to address children’s behaviours

Develop an excellent knowledge of safeguarding, adhering to all policies and processes

Know how to deal with the individual learning and or behavioural needs of a child



Communicate sensitively using relevant language and behaviour

Promote diversity and inclusion in Playwork practice, identify ways to remove barriers which can prevent some children and young people playing. Apply the play work approach depending on the individual need

Undertake reflective observations to improve own practice and the quality of the provision for children and young people

Manage interactions with parents/caregivers professionally

Reflect on own practice to create a personal development plan with supervisor, contribute to recording and reporting procedures as required by the play setting

Contribute to ensuring security arrangements are followed, such as children’s arrival and departures from the setting. And promote safeguarding in the workplace



Work flexibly with an understanding of health and safety to support risk taking in play

Take responsibility and show initiative.
Team-focused, working collaboratively and reflectively with others

Treat people with dignity, respect, and empathy

Work flexibly and adapt to both children and circumstances

Seek out learning and continuing professional development opportunities