High Performance Programme Level 3

Outdoor Activity Instructor

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Get active outdoors.

The Level 3 Outdoor Activity Instructor apprenticeship develops individuals to supervises and guides children and adults in activities and pastimes including canoeing, sailing, climbing, surfing, cycling, habitat and wildlife walks.

Outdoor Activity Instructors may undertake their apprenticeship with employers who specialise in a particular client group or activity type whilst they may also work for more general providers.

Duration: 12-18 months


Behaviours are an important part of an apprenticeship programme
in helping to shape and drive high performance.






Outdoor Activity Instructors actively respect the environment, show a positive attitude and will demonstrate the following knowledge, skills and behaviours:



Collating & using information about participants to plan a session

Understanding the options for adapting a session to accommodate predictable environment changes

Good practice protocols and techniques for giving instructions and demonstrations

Identify hazards in the environment they are working in

Techniques to ensure engagement and participation by all

Simple techniques and questioning styles to aid review of sessions



Select methods to meet all participants’ individual needs.

Maintain self and group safety when delivering the session

Select and implement organisational procedures to deal with routine problems

Initiate organisational procedures to summon support in the case of incidents or accidents

Change the pace of the session to match participants’ speed of learning

Use participant feedback and own reflection to suggest improvements



Show punctuality, diligence, commitment, and appropriate appearance

Enthusiastic for their employer’s products and loyal to the brand

Actively respects the environment and encourages behaviours in others that preserves it

Encourage participants and supports each person to achieve to their limit

Promote on-going use of the outdoors and onward progression

Show a positive attitude with all colleagues and all customers come rain or shine