High Performance Level 3

Community Sport & Health Officer

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Positive impact in the community.

The Level 3 Community Sport and Health Officer (CSHO) apprenticeship is for individuals whose key work is to initiate behaviour change in communities with regards to their engagement in sports and physical activity.

A Community Sport and Health Officer is likely to work for organisations whose core business activities are in the fields of leisure, sport, youth work, youth justice, outdoor education or public health.

During this apprenticeship programme, your staff will develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles of behaviour change, an ability to adapt delivery to suit different groups in society and knowledge of how to manage and lead colleagues or volunteers.

Duration: 16-20 months


Behaviours are an important part of an apprenticeship programme
in helping to shape and drive high performance.






CSHOs develop key knowledge, skills and behaviours to support their own progression towards their job responsibilities.



Initiation of meaningful behaviour change based on utilising a strength and asset based approach

Plan programmes of engaging and innovative activities using sport and physical activity, measuring success of such programmes

Understand social barriers and personal motivations to activate local communities

Source and use customer insight to design sport and physical activity interventions – weekly coaching sessions, social skills groups, volunteering

Understand the funding landscape for sport, physical activity, community regeneration, addressing anti-social behaviour and public health

Understand the causes, social determinants and distribution of health inequalities



Support people within target communities to become involved in the preparation, planning and delivery of sport and active lifestyles

Use local insight and customer-orientated marketing skills to attract high priority groups into existing leisure, parks and sport infrastructure

Demonstrate clear and effective communication techniques in order to give/receive information accurately and in a timely and positive manner

Solve problems and make decisions with regards to the design and implementation of sport and physical activity programmes

Write successful funding bids to enable new, different or more opportunities to take place for sport and physical activity

Manage and adapt personal behaviours to ensure provision is inclusive, customer-focused and accessible



Attention to detail and time management

Show a positive attitude to work and act as a role model within their local community

Work individually and as a member of a team

Be truthful and sincere in their actions; demonstrate integrity by doing the right thing

Demonstrate a willingness to learn and contribute to their own continuing professional development

Be willing and able to adapt to change

"Both management and trainer have been super supportive with any ideas I’ve brought up or new experience I’d like to have."

SCL Learner | Wigan Athletic Community Trust

"I’ve enjoyed learning more about how children develop psychologically and how to support children with additional needs"

SCL Learner | Wigan Athletic Community Trust

"My tutor is always makes sure I am on task and achieving what I should be. I really can’t thank my tutor enough."

SCL Learner | Wigan Athletic Community Trust