High Performance Programme Level 4

Buying & Merchandising

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Creative with a commercial impact.

The Level 4 Buying & Merchandising Assistant apprenticeship is for individuals with a creative flair, an eye for the latest consumer buying trends and a keen interest in developing products to take to market on behalf of recognised brands and retailers.

This apprenticeship programme will develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of Buying and Merchandising Assistants, allowing them to work collaboratively to contribute to the delivery of department/company sales and profit targets.

Duration: In Learning 18 months | End Point Assessment 6 months


Behaviours are an important part of an apprenticeship programme
in helping to shape and drive high performance.







Operational and strategic approaches to buying and/or merchandising

Industry standards, regulations and legislation

Product lifecycle from development to customer

Effective methods of negotiation and how they relate to the organisation’s strategy

Effective methods of communication to ensure achieve operational success

The importance of coaching and mentoring to support the development of the teams



Using market/industry knowledge to contribute to new product development/innovation

Building new customer focused ranges to meet the brand identity of the business

Apply the organisation strategy to ensure strategic objectives are met

Ensure the agreed route to market is delivered and maintained successfully

Use data to support decisions and influence strategic and operational direction

Demonstrate anticipation of customer buying and product patterns to forecast future demand



Creative thinking with an eye for attention to detail

Confident, accountable and proactive

Tenacious and prepared to take risks

Flexible, agile and adaptable to changing markets

Operates within professional code of ethics

An ambassador for the business

"Having learnt new skills and knowledge through my Apprenticeship, I am better equipped to take on more responsibility within the team to assist the Senior Buyer/Assistant Buyer and instil in them the trust in my ability".

SCL Learner

"I can identify strengths in myself that support others within the team to build a more cohesive team and even mentor others who wish to follow the apprenticeship."

SCL Learner

"My ability to cope with pressure and resilience has improved which is demonstrated by meeting deadlines, time management to meet OTJHs and keeping ahead of target whilst managing my workload." 

SCL Learner