High Performance Programme Level 3

Business Administrator

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Transferable skills for all sectors.

The Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship is for individuals with highly transferable knowledge, skills and behaviours which can be applied to all sectors, including the public, private and charitable sectors.

During this apprenticeship programme, your staff will work independently and as part of a team to develop, implement, maintain and improve administrative services within your organisation. They will demonstrate strong communication skills and adopt a proactive approach to developing skills.

Duration: In Learning 13 months | End Point Assessment 3 months


Behaviours are an important part of an apprenticeship programme
in helping to shape and drive high performance






During the Level 3 Business Administrator programme, your staff will develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to support your organisation as well as their own progression towards management responsibilities.



Understand organisational purpose, activities, aims, values, resources and vision for the future

Know organisational structure and demonstrate understanding of how their work benefits the organisation

A practical knowledge of managing stakeholders and their differing relationships to an organisation

Understand law and regulations that apply to their role including data protection, health & safety, compliance etc.

Understand the organisation’s internal policies and key business policies

Understand the organisation’s processes e.g. making payments or processing customer data



Produce accurate records and documents including emails, letters, files, payments, reports and proposals

Build and maintain positive relationships with their own team and across the organisation

Demonstrate good communication skills, whether face-to-face, on the telephone, in writing or on digital platforms

Take responsibility for initiating and completing tasks, managing priorities and time in order to meet deadlines

Use relevant project management principles and tools to scope, plan, monitor and report

Share administrative best practices across the organisation and coach others to complete tasks correctly



Behave in a professional way and adhere to the organisation’s code of conduct

Show integrity, reliability, self-motivation and a positive attitude

Motivate other where responsibility is shared

Take responsibility for own work and own development

Able to accept and deal with changing priorities

Take initiative to develop own and others’ skills and behaviours