High Performance Programme Level 6

Assistant Buying & Merchandising

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Shape the future of the consumer.

The Level 6 Assistant Buyer & Assistant Merchandiser apprenticeship develops individuals to work in roles involved with sourcing, selecting, maintaining and delivering the right products to meet demand and business objectives.

This role is typically found in the retail sector across a range of company types and using effective business forecasting, risk and opportunity analysis, creativity and business insight, buyers and merchandisers anticipate and shape customer demand and market trends.

Duration: In Learning 24 months | End Point Assessment 6 months


Behaviours are an important part of an apprenticeship programme
in helping to shape and drive high performance.






Assistant Buyers and Merchandisers achieve their objectives by developing and implementing strategies to ensure current and future customer demand is researched, anticipated and satisfied. Their required knowledge, skills and behaviours include:



Understand the overall product portfolio and brand image that their company is promoting to the customer

Understand how to identify current and future buying and loyalty behaviours of existing and potential customer groups

Understand the impact of the buying critical path on the effective operation of the buying function

Understand when a product and product range has reached the end of its lifecycle

Understands the key factors that influence UK and global markets, including economic and political activity

Knows how to effectively build relationships with key external stakeholders



Apply understanding of customer and business operations to inform decisions on product and service portfolio management

Selects and merchandises products that enhance the company brand image and product portfolio

Anticipates the need for products and ensures that the buying process enables their effective delivery to the customer

Analyse and react to main influences on Buying and Merchandising plans, taking appropriate actions as a result

Analyses appropriate cost and income influences on buying and merchandising plans to make informed decisions

Demonstrates how to negotiate in a manner that obtains the optimum outcome for the business



Acts as an ambassador for the buying and merchandising function and the business

Is resilient, responsible and commercially aware

Leads and takes the initiative

Seeks opportunities to develop themselves and the team

Builds relationships across the whole function and beyond

Is creative in their approach to the role

"As always, Lizzie found a really efficient way to run the course! very detailed, interactive and easy to understand! huge amount of real-life examples, great workshop".

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